Ella Baché Nedlands

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Welcome to Ella Baché Nedlands


Created in Paris in 1936 by Madame Ella Baché, we are your skincare experts. In fact, Ella Baché products and treatments are recognised the world over for their quality and effectiveness

We offer an extensive range of luxury treatments for the face and body and pride ourselves on providing our clients with the very best in service.

Known in the industry as the “Skincare Experts”, we believe that successful skincare treatment and prescriptions come from our beauty therapists' thorough knowledge and understanding of the skin. No two skins are alike, so we don't simply classify skin as 'normal, oily or dry' - we carefully diagnose your skin and then prescribe a specific recipe of salon-exclusive products and treatments that are just right for you.

Recently Awarded:

  • Winner 2013 Business Development Award
  • West Australian Salon of the Year 2011
  • West Australian Therapist of the Year 2011
  • Nominated Therapist of the Year 2011 

Treatments that refresh. Treatments that pamper. Treatments that purify. Treatments that leave you feeling your natural best! Treat yourself to Ella Baché, for skin good enough to eat.


Jessica Candeias is the owner of Ella Baché Nedlands.

Jessica is a renowned skin care, make-up and eyebrow specialist.

" I would like to thank all of my wonderful clients for their continued support of the salon and my team of beauty experts.

Our focus is on high quality service and achieving the best result for each individual client. Your happiness and satisfaction is our goal."

Jessica is passionate about skin care and has many years of experience.

Her knowledge of your beauty needs run deep in her ethos, instinctively able to anticipate your skin's needs. Beauty treatment is so much more than standard formulas and procedures and requires intimate and deep understanding of the underlying processes contributing to your skin's current condition. Jessica and her team will work tirelessly to identify and institute the regimen to give you the best possible treatment outcomes.

Jessica has worked as a state make-up artist for a well-known international brand. She treats every face as a work of art, creating results tailored to the client's skin tone and facial profile. Ella Bache Nedlands offers beautiful Becca cosmetic make-up range. We also offer educational classes for clients so they too can achieve excellent make-up results.

Eyebrow design is Jessica's specialty. She is particularly drawn to the fine touch required to achieve harmonious eyebrow contours. Her focus is to achieve natural looking results enhancing the natural aesthetic of the face, drawing and colouring/tinting with clear understanding of your needs. Successful eyebrow colouring and design is an art form which evokes the natural beauty and expresses the personality of the client.


Our comprehensive beauty services include waxing, tinting, skin care, massage, make-up, tanning, nail care, body treatments, dentist performed tooth whitening, specialist wrinkle treatments and much more.

After many years servicing the Western suburbs, we will continue to strive to delight and exceed the beauty needs of our special clients.